The Department of Interior Architecture at Girne American University forms interior architects who are aware of the contemporary theoretical debate on design, are sensitive to human needs and environmental conditions, and therefore are capable of designing cutting-edge contemporary interior spaces. The Department’s graduates can understand a building in its different components, interpret the users’ needs properly, access updated information on building materials and technologies, are capable of advanced representation techniques, and extremely creative in developing new ideas.

The Department of Interior Design at Girne American University offers its students the opportunity to complete their higher education in a creative and international campus. Our students can also conduct part of their studies following our abroad programs (http://abroad.gau.edu.tr/). With our professional, innovative, international and dynamic faculty staff, always ready to supervise and direct students in their academic issues, students will always feel in a familiar environment.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alessandro Camiz

Head of Department of Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts, Girne American University.

Girne American University